The Nanaimo British Club hosts several events over the year, as well as the ten regular monthly meetings.

2021 Events:

June ?? @ 5:00pm – Cancelled due to Pandemic.
July 1st @ 10:00am – Waiting to hear from City of Nanaimo.
July 14th @ 5:00pm – Aioli’s Restaurant.  Mini Golf @ 6:30pm.
July 28th @ 2:00pm – Golf Match @ Beban.  Dinner @ MGM afterwards.
August 29th @ 1:30pm – Club Summer BBQ in Bowen Park shelter.
September 12th @ 2:30pm – Car Rally starting at Southgate Mall.
December ?? @ 5:30pm – Club Christmas Dinner.  Waiting for confirmation.

Please note that some of the above events and their dates are still to be confirmed.  This information will be updated when it is available.

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