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Dateline: July 30th.

The Annual British Club Picnic is being held at Bowen Park Picnic shelter by the river, August 29th, 2021, starting at 1:30pm and will be a little different this year due to the Covid rules that Parks and Rec have in place. Hopefully, this should make it a little easier for us all to adhere to the rules.

The Executive thought it would be better this year for purchased food to be bought in from local stores, such as Save on Foods, Thrifty’s, etc.  We would ask that everyone bring their own cutlery, plates, glasses, drinks and chairs.

I am sourcing party platters from local food stores, and also from Subway.  For this I do need to have numbers of people wishing to attend the Picnic by email jnthrgrv@gmail.com or phone 250-741-0584, on or before August 13th.


Dateline: July 29th.

Since I restarted the website we have two events, namely the Mini Golf match and Dinner, plus the annual Golf Match at Beban followed by Dinner. I had hoped to receive pictures of these events and I am still hoping, please let me have whatever you have taken.

On Sunday August 29th we will have the annual Club BBQ in Beban Park. It will run from 1:30 until 5:00pm so it will be good to get together again. I presume the Organizers will let us know what is required in the way of food and drink supplies before the day.

Gradually the two Legion branches are starting up again. Branch 10 had an open house a few days ago with a Caleigh band providing music, it was good to be back there seeing old faces. I am waiting to see if there will be a September meeting at Branch 256, nothing as yet.


Welcome back to the Website, I have been waiting a long time to start work on it and finally I can put cursor to screen and write. This Editors Page will hopefully be a permanent part of the Site and will allow me to pass information along plus ask for information, etc. from you the Members.

It looks as though we are coming out of our eighteen months of seclusion and that our lives are returning to some semblance of normality. As yet we do not have any information on whether we will be having a Club meeting in September as everything depends on the Legion and the latest Health Authority edicts, but we can hope.

The good news is that our very first event of 2021 is the Mini Golf Match on July 14th at Parksville. Due to the restrictions only a small number of members can participate but it is a start.
Now a request to the Members who are at the Mini Golf; please take photographs and send them to me, as our Gallery is very sparse and needs new pictures. Thank you.

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